Steam Addicts Anonymous: Weekly Roundup 9

Developers are incredibly busy at this time of year, gearing up for winter release dates. We’ve managed to get together some important info for you anyway.

  • Sega is having a particularly impressive sale. There are some great games like Shogun, some classics and a game  like AvP, which is terrible.
  • CS:GO is going to have an “Arsenal Mode” which will be very similar to gun game, an incredibly popular CS mode.
  • Valve is helping with a very special “digital learning project“. It is interesting to see them branching in so many directions. Now you are thinking with portals.
  • We really should have mentioned this earlier, but a DOTA 2 client got leaked with some strange info in it.
  • If you really want a DOTA 2 key, you have a chance for an early one here or here.
  • Battlefield 3 open beta is coming soon. There is no word on whether difficulties between EA and Valve will be smoothed out in time for it on September 29th.
  • Company of Heroes, an excellent game, is currently on sale.

Most people don’t know they have a problem with their Steam addiction until they wake up hung over after a 12 hour lan party, covered in Cheetos. You probably can’t even remember who you fragged last night, you need help.  As usual, be sure to leave us feedback on what you would like to hear about next edition. Help us help you!