Dead Island now available for pre-purchase on Steam

The time for which a lot of our Zombie-lovin’ fans have been waiting has finally arrived!  For a limited time, you can now pre-order Dead Island and receive “The Ripper” weapon and the Bloodbath Arena downloadable content pack for free.

“The Ripper” Special Weapon – A deadly combination of baseball bat and buzz saw! This weapon will be available for use right away when the game is released.

Dead Island - "The Ripper" Special Weapon

Bloodbath Arena DLC – Bloodbath Arena downloadable content pack will become available one month after the game’s release, and features:

  • 4 deadly and hazardous Arenas with endless waves of zombies
  • Play in single or co-op multiplayer!
  • Loot XP and items and bring them over into your campaign
  • Leaderboard to challenge your friends
  • New gruesome weapon: Sonic Pulse Grenade

Beat the mad rush and order your copy today!

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