Left 4 Dead 2 Fans: Play Cold Stream and We All Get Dead Air!

Update (9:05 PM EDT): “We are going to announce the number of people who have currently achieved the Stream Crosser achievement tomorrow morning at 10am PST (ed note: 1PM EDT) – do you have a guess at the number?”

Huge news for Left 4 Dead 2 fans!  At the Official Left 4 Dead Blog, they are rounding up the community to help in bug finding in the Cold Stream (beta) campaign:

What’s your prize? If 20,000 people can earn the Stream Crosser achievement (Survive a campaign of Cold Stream on any difficulty) by the end of day this Sunday, we will give all Steam players a reward – On July 22nd we will release Dead Air from the upcoming Cold Stream DLC early.

Having already played Cold Stream a few times, I have my own opinion on it (which, who knows, maybe will improve with the final release).  But like most hardcore L4D2 fans, I’ll do anything short of cutting off body parts to get Dead Air early (Yes, my offer to do that was soundly rejected by Valve).  So if you already have it, play it.  If not, get it for $5 today only (until next time).

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