Steam Addicts Interviews Andrew “Redigit” Spinks of Terraria

If you didn’t hear about Terraria during the week of its release, you will soon.  The phenomenon is here. A game that is outselling Portal 2 on Steam. The game that seemed to come from nowhere. It felt so familiar, and yet so different.

Why do people keep yelling the “M” word whenever they hear about this game, and what do the devs think of that?

As soon as we played this game, we were compelled to talk to the man behind it – and we got him:

So let’s get this one right out of the way. There appears to be a “continental divide” between those who dismiss Terraria as some kind of Minecraft rip-off and those who have the “get over it” mentality. How do you guys react when you read this?

People need to understand that Minecraft isn’t a game anymore, it’s a genre. There are so many possibilities with the gameplay mechanics in question that they shouldn’t be limited to a single title. I think a lot of us are waiting for the big names in the industry to pick up on these concepts and start incorporating them in to the new major titles.

Steam Addicts grabbed Redigit for twenty-plus questions about how Terraria came about, what he thinks about the game and its success, and what’s coming next.  You won’t want to miss Terraria Mania!

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