Portal 2 “Easter Egg” in Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign “Suicide Blitz”

So I was talking to R.T. Frisk over the holiday weekend, and we got on the subject of Portal 2 mapping.  I asked him why suddenly people were coming by asking about Portal 2 and Chomsky the Gnome and something about an Easter Egg… He asked me if I saw the video on YouTube and I mentioned after having perused the comments, I had decided that an 11 minute video with lots of “unwanted chatter” wasn’t nearly as interesting as adult beverages and gunpowder. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m the last to know everything — except when I’m not which is never.  We finally got to the heart of the matter, and I put down my margarita long enough to find another run through of the aforementioned Portal fun, seen below. Considered doing one myself, but well, I refer you to the previous paragraph… For those of you in line behind me in the “not knowing things” queue, we are of course talking about what really almost amounts to a Portal 2 “mini-game” in R.T.’s most excellent Left 4 Dead 2 download-able campaign entitled “Suicide Blitz 2“. Anyway, if you be the kind for which spoilers are an unwanted thing, DO NOT watch this video.  Also, DO NOT think of a polka-dotted elephant.

[download id=”6″]

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