Suicide Blitz 2 Version 2 Released

Update: Valve has picked today to start featuring a community campaign again, and SB2 is the one getting the love!  Now you can play these maps and be instantly cool!


Just got word from RT that the updated version of SB2 has been released:

Hey Zombie lovers – released Version 2 for Suicide Blitz 2 today! All information is on the website; including the changelog. This version will be going up on the Valve game servers today so check it out! Should have a lot more good servers available — Thanks!

View the Change Log


Map 1

  • Fixed railing on map 1 disappearing in the elevator
  • Fixed versus tier 1 weapons spawning incorrectly in saferoom
  • Tinkering with a preventive measure for the possibility of people falling through the elevator
  • Fixed a ladder on the CEDA trailer for versus
  • Kill the info_remarkable referring to the fence once the alternative path has been entered
  • Added a clip for physics objects in the elevator going out the sides – but still be careful

Map 2

  • Added a sprite for the boat event to hint more to the fact that the can needs to be shot (regardless of hints enabled or not)
  • Reworked the boat event to avoid the swamp fever bug
  • Fixed a problem with SI getting stuck on awnings on the main street after leaving saferoom
  • Fixed a ladder outside of Inigo’s Café for SI

Map 3

  • Fixed a bug where the saferoom door at beginning stayed open.
  • Moved Crazy Ron’s radio outside of the saferoom near the tonfa spawns and increased volume
  • Did some optimization on the sewer, should get FPS increase
  • Fixed some nav issues in the sewer area
  • Fixed a purple and black texture (low shader) below the pipes near end of the map
  • Fixed an few incorrectly shadowed props in the pipe cross room

Map 4

  • Changed the way weapons transition from map 4 to 5
  • Made Crazy Ron louder during the train event
  • Added a missing soundscape in the bowling alley
  • Removed some sprays that may cause confusion regarding direction

Map 5

  • Fixed weapons not spawning for second team on versus.
  • Was some missing geometry on the stadium façade during the exit, it has been repaired by the local craftsmen
  • Bot SI would sometimes fall behind a fence, this should be fixed
  • Second button doesn’t light on the finale radio anymore to accidentally avoid skipping through instructions. The button still works, so if you are impatient, just keep hitting it and you can skip it.
  • Fixed a problem with being able to be momentarily stuck on radio finale button
  • Fixed a stuck spot at the humvee/sandbags in the tunnel leading to the helicopters


  • Added some fallen survivor spawns
  • Added some explosive barrel spawns
  • Added the golf club to numerous melee weapon spawns
  • Added some misc. sprays
  • Reduced the size of some textures
  • Removed the wandering witch from all maps that take place during the night or dawn (all but map 4)


For more information and additional download mirrors, go to the official Suicide Blitz 2 page.  Or:

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