Steam Addicts Anonymous: Weekly Roundup 7

Some very strange things are going on lately in Steam news. We will start with the strangest.

  • Enterprising coders found evidence of Dead Island referring to one of its characters as a “Feminist Whore”  in the code. Developer Techland claims they sent an incomplete version out to Steam.
  • We are pleasantly surprised that one of the original creators of DOTA, EUL, is working on DOTA 2.
  • Red Orchestra 2 has worked out the majority of its bugs. We haven’t had it crash once since the latest patch.
  • Civ 5 is on weekend sale, a decent game worth a look.
  • A new Terraria patch is coming out. We actually don’t have a confirmed source for the release date.
  • Two Worlds two received a large number of useful patches.
  • Rock of Ages has turned out to be surprisingly good. It is somewhere between an RTS and a racing game, but it just works.
  • While we have talked about this several times before, we should remind everyone that Valve is still trying to get EA games back on Steam. While we have our own feelings on the matter, it would be best to have them back.

We hope that most of you are just on the weaker forms of Steam addiction, like small game purchases. We want to warn against getting addicted to buying packages, like I am. I have to work 3 jobs to support it.  Anything further and there is no recovery. As usual, be sure to leave us feedback on what you would like to hear about next edition. Help us help you!