Steam Addicts Anonymous: Weekly Roundup 4

It is time for the stories we didn’t give enough affection to. This week’s roundup is very eventful due to Gamescom.

  • As we mentioned earlier the DOTA 2 tournament was going on at Gamescom, with a chance for Steam members to join the beta.
  • Smash Xbox Live Arcade hit Bastion is now available on Steam. It has unique storytelling style that is out of this world.
  • Around Gamescom, Sony bought Suckerpunch studios. The only surprising part is that they did not buy the InFamous developer sooner.
  • This news is worth mentioning quite a bit, THQ is releasing Space Marine on Steam. They are having a discount weekend on all of their Warhammer 40K themed games.
  • Deus ex: Human Revolution is worth buying just to play this great game, but you will also get free TF2 items if you pre-purchase now.
  • Owners of Portal 2 will be happy to know that free DLC is coming for you in September.
  • Ubisoft’s From Dust has been released on Steam. While technically sound, some fans are bothered by the fact that Ubisoft added their own DRM which forces you to stay online throughout.
  • Mojang and ZeniMax media are at war over the rights to Scrolls.  Notch has been taunting Bethesda mercilessly over this, first with “Ender Scrolls” then with a “Quake off”. We’re all just waiting to see how he will taunt them a third time.
  • Let’s not forget that Modern Warfare 3 is coming to Steam. If this is your type of game, you should go ahead and  pre-order.
  • In the wake of the Great Canadian Half-Life Protest of 2011 (all of 2 people), PC Gamer asks Gabe: How many protestors would it take to get Half-Life 2: Episode 3 news?

Unlike some other drugs, very few people have car accidents while under the influence of Steam. That being said, we are in trouble when some nerd puts a desktop into his dash and a monitor in his steering wheel.  As usual, be sure to leave us feedback on what you would like to hear about next edition. Help us help you!