Steam Addicts Anonymous: Weekly Roundup 35

Eve online is finishing the touches on a very interesting platform, among other news.

  • Dust 514 is gearing up for the final production schedule. It will allow console gamers to defend their planet from EVE marauders. A major cross-platform event.
  • Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai has moustaches, making it a must-buy.
  • Guild Wars 2 is in public closed beta. We can’t say more than that due to NDA.
  • The Square Steam Sale has some great games such as Thief and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • Valve is going to focus on PC games at E3.
  • Like indie games? Well if you do Fowl Space is confusing, baffling, and hilarious.

Remember, being addicted to Steam games reduces your environmental impact. If someone tells you to get off, tell them you are reducing your carbon footprint and saving the earth through gaming. They will come around. As usual, be sure to leave us feedback on what you would like to hear about next edition. Help us help you!