Retro Game Wednesday – The Secret of Monkey Island

“No, sir.”

“It’s Wednesday.”

(Email me if you know the reference – without Googling it!)

For those of you shaking your heads – fear not!  I’ve got something we can all relate to – for it’s time once again for everyone’s favorite weekly classic game review series – Retro Game Wednesday.

This week, DKC takes on The Secret of Monkey Island:

I’m not sure why it is I liked them better than anything else before and perhaps since. Maybe it’s because they make you think. Oh, these days shooters will have puzzle segments and talky bits and require a little more brain-work than they used to, but back in the day they were two very separate genres and Doom was hardly rocket science. The extent of the ‘puzzle solving’ in an action game of the 90’s was blue key goes in blue door. If you wanted to think you had to go somewhere else, and that somewhere else was the adventure games of Sierra and LucasFilm (later LucasArts). Both required you to think, outside the box, inside the box, in other directions relative to the box. That was the point of playing them, really, it was the challenge.

That’s right, dear reader.  LucasArts did in fact make one or two games that weren’t awful and didn’t have ‘Star Wars’ in the title.  Hard to believe, I know.

You can check out the rest of Daniel’s review right here at Steam Addicts.  I promise it will make your heart sing!

Not unlike the mysterious movie quoted above…