Retro Game Wednesday – Jedi Knight II

When Daniel Casey told me of his plans to take on Jedi Knight II for his second installment of RGW, I had to warn him how huge a fan I am of that game.  Sure, it’s well-documented that I’m a huge Star Wars fanboy anyway — that is among the worst-kept secrets of all time.

But the fact of the matter is, LucasArts has also turned out some pretty awful games along the way.  So sometimes its hard to convince the doubters that is not one of those games.  In fact, I consider it one of the top 10 PC games on my all-time list.

But you don’t care what I think, you care what he thinks.  So here it is:

But even if you can’t bank on the multiplayer, you can have faith in the single player experience. There’s a lot to enjoy. The story and locations capture the Star Wars feel quite well, and the gameplay is fun, or at least as much fun as you can have with a lightsaber, a pile of Force powers and a base full of unsuspecting stormtroopers.

You may have noticed I keep saying ‘lightsaber’ nearly exclusively, and you may be beginning to wonder if it’s the only weapon in the game. Calm yourself. There are, in fact, two weapons in Jedi Outcast. There is the lightsaber, and then there is everything that is not the lightsaber.

And that was written before I threatened his life.  Honest.

The rest of Daniel’s review is but a click away – you can check it out right here at Steam Addicts.