New feature: Retro Game Wednesday

Steam Addicts is pleased to welcome to the team our newest writer, Daniel Casey.  His first scribblings for us will be in the form of a weekly featured entitled “Retro Game Wednesday”.  It’s spelled just like it sounds.  Er, that is to say, it is just what it sounds like.  That is to say… nevermind.  Here’s what it is in Daniel’s own words:

So you get it in your head that maybe you want to play something older, something simple and nostalgic through which you might recapture a little bit of the lost magic of your youth. It wouldn’t even take five minutes – all your old games are in that box in the back of the closet, aren’t they? But wait! Stay where you are! Getting them out would mean you’d have to get out of your seat. We don’t do that anymore. We don’t have to. It’s the future.

Go ahead.

Open up Steam.

You see?  I couldn’t say it any better myself.   Literally.

For his first edition, Daniel is taking on X-COM: UFO Defense.  Here’s a snip:

Really, playing X-Com is switching between two kinds of game – the long term global view where you requisition and transfer supplies and men between bases, perform research on captured alien gadgets and try to keep your funding countries happy, and then the short term, turn based tactical squad game that kicks in when you actually land at an alien ship’s crash site, an alien base, or another mission site. This turn based combat is the real draw of the game – you deploy your soldiers to sites of alien activity and engage them to disrupt their evil plans by shooting them repeatedly. In the process, you’ll capture and reverse-engineer alien technology and face down a large number of different alien species, all with their own abilities. These range from the lowly Sectoid, modelled after the Gray of popular culture, to the cuddly Chryssalid, who only wants to hug you and make you his friend.

For the rest of Daniel’s review, you’ll have to check it out right here.  I know you’ll be looking forward to reading this each week as much as we will.

For now, let’s ease him in gently, OK?