Terraria Double Feature Interview and game giveaway

It’s always a pleasure for us to talk to the guys at Terraria.  They’ve been fantastic to work with, and they have perhaps the best fanbase of any game we’ve seen.

This time around we talked to not only Redigit, but to Blue and Tiy as well.  Here’s a snip:

What kind of feedback have you been getting from the community? What’s the one thing you think most fans don’t know that you’d want to tell them?

Currently, many of our fans are requesting information on upcoming patches, and what we are trying to implement before we have actually completed the idea. What we would like them to know is that we sometimes do not feel it is prudent to share every detail of development. As some things being a surprise can be just as exciting as knowing all the details. Also, if you mention something in this type of community, everyone holds you to it. So if you end up not being able to get it working right and postpone its addition for a later time, they blame you for it not being there now.

So why are we calling this a “Double Feature”?  That’s because we did a joint venture with our sister site, Nerd Age.  When you’re done reading this one, be sure to check out Part 2 and get yourself entered in the Double Feature game giveaway!

Terraria Double Feature Interview

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