Retro Game Wednesday – The Ultimate Doom

Did you know that the name Wednesday is of Pagan origin and we trace it back to the English god Wōden?

That’s right Heathens, it’s time once again for the next installment of Daniel Casey’s Retro Game Wednesday.

This week, DKC takes on The Ultimate Doom:

Modern gaming can get tiring. It’s full of choices, after all. Deep moral choices, or at least the illusion of them, seem to be the newest trend in video games. I can only be warned so many times by loading screens in Mass Effect 2 that my choices could have dire ramifications in Mass Effect 3 before I start to become a paranoid, shaking wreck, paralysed at every conversation option because everything is going to have wide ranging aftereffects.

So I don’t play Mass Effect 2 anymore. It’s just too much for me – I play video games to escape from the hard choices I make every day in real life about what I’m going to have for lunch…

Are you like me?  Did you get into PC gaming at the wrong time and did the Doom series pass you by?  Time to make amends. Check out the rest of Daniel’s review right here at Steam Addicts, Pagans.  And don’t eat the Pastrami – it’s off…