Retro Game Wednesday – Max Payne

I love Wednesdays.  For so many reasons.

Wednesday is “hump day” – we’re all halfway to another weekend!  Wednesday was the day of WOW if you grew up around here listening to WAAF radio station (nerds never get tired of that) .

But when I think of gaming, Wednesdays mean new episodes of Zero Punctuation and my newest favorite, Daniel Casey’s Retro Game Wednesday.

This week, DKC takes on the original Max Payne:

There was a time before anybody knew what ‘bullet-time’ was. It was called ‘1998’ and The Matrix hadn’t happened yet. Ridiculous dual-handgunned firefights were then mostly the realm of Hong-Kong action flicks. After The Matrix came out, suddenly every action scene had to incorporate slow motion effects and involve at least as many guns as the people using them had hands, even when there was no excuse for this…

Now I’m starting to get psyched for the May release of Max Payne 3!  If you’ve never got into the series, now its time to go back and see what you’ve missed.  You can check out the rest of Daniel’s review right here at Steam Addicts.