Skyrim – Mod Spotlight #3

Well, Skyrim fans, it’s getting closer and closer to the release of the long awaited mod tools, and I can only quiver in anticipation.  Well, that and play even more […]

Well, Skyrim fans, it’s getting closer and closer to the release of the long awaited mod tools, and I can only quiver in anticipation.  Well, that and play even more Skyrim.  I know, I know, the game’s already starting to lose its appeal, but that’s what these spotlights are all about.  Setting you up with primo content for your game, and make it less… rustic?

So for today we’ve got three quality mods. One of which I cannot even begin to think about life without.  Another that adds so many kickass weapons to your game that it will have you thinking about Morrowind. And another one that’s a cartographer’s dream.

#3: A Quality World Map – With Roads

Maybe not a game changer, but one of my biggest peeves with Skyrim was that the map didn’t feel very map-like.  Sure it had a cool 3D effect, letting you kinda, awkwardly rotate the thing and let you… Zoom…  into it I guess?  Anyway, it was lame.  But with this mod, the map turns into something a little more spiffy to look at.  High quality textures and visible roads are one thing, but adding an optional “authentic” map look that resembles more of the older Elder Scrolls’s maps is just plain awesome.  Check out the screenies below, and visit this link for the mod.  I highly suggest nabbing it and thanks to IcePenguin over at the Skyrim Nexus for the mod.

#2: Weapons of the Third Era

This mod just plain kicks ass, no matter how you look at it.  User 747823 over at the Skyrim Nexus has given us new tools with which to maim, cleave and otherwise destroy our opponents. Guess what?  Not a single weapon in this pack is a retexture, they’re all new weapons.  The mod’s premise is clear: after the destruction of Vvardenfel, Dunmer refugees moved into Skyrim and started to spread around their ancestral weapons and the knowledge to forge them.

The result is a stunning array of new toys including Scimitars, Katanas, No Dachis, Tantos, Wakizashis, Long swords and other weapons. Adding up to a grand total of  50+ new man-slayers, all added to the leveled loot lists to boot.  What does this mean?  Well it means as soon as you enter the game, be prepared to see your enemies with these bad boys in hand, as well as tucked away in chests.  Heres some screens, and the download link.

#1:  SkyUI

Thank you God.  Thank you.  Finally the day has come where I can play Skyrim without the god awful, console centric UI that was tacked on to the PC version.  Maybe I shouldnt be thanking God, no I SHOULD be thanking the SkyUI team, and so I shall.  Thank you SkyUI team.

Genuflections complete. Let me get back on subject.  This mod is to Skyrim as jelly is to peanut butter.   It adds a new UI to the game, making navigating menus, equipping armor and weapons, looking at your stats and drinking potions a slick and easy experience.  That is, compared to the vanilla game’s terrible console-minded heap.  I played through this nuisance the first time, simply because Skyrim was a great game.  SkyUI clears up a lot of headaches and simply makes the game that much better.

I was going to post screenshots, but a video would do for a much better preview.  Many thanks to schlangster for agreeing to host this great mod in our Downlaods section right here.


Well that wraps up my top 3 mods for now.  Jeez, my data folder is getting kinda heavy.  As always keep checking back to Steam Addicts for your Skyrim Mod fix. With the tools set to release soon, there’s sure to be a flood of interesting content.


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