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Date postedJanuary 5, 2012
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A Quality World Map v5.0

mod by: IcePenguin
version: 5.0

credits: Ethatron, for providing improved map LOD.
Farning, requested map with main roads.
Pcuser, found a missing road east of Whiterun.


Install: Copy Data file to where \Skyrim\Data folder is. It will ask you
if you want to overwrite the Data folder. Say yes.

Uninstall: Delete files.


Quality Map (All Roads) – HQ map with all roads visible.
Quality Map (Main Roads) – HQ map with main roads visible, only.


Classic Map (All Roads) – 3D Classic map with all roads visible.
Classic Map (Main Roads) – 3D Classic map with main roads visible, only.


This mod aims to give you a World Map that is fun to look at. It now has better textures and introduces detailed roads. I tried my best to draw out every single road, but if I missed one, please let me know! 😀 (I’m pretty sure I got them all.)

Also, roads are pretty accurate. I walked along every one as I drew them. :p

In version 2.0 I made a map that show main roads, only. This was requested by Farning, and is a great idea. Thank you. 🙂 Enjoy!

In version 3.0 I fixed a few roads to look nicer and added a missing road, found by Pcuser. Thank you! Both maps have been updated so if you have either map you will want 3.0.

In version 4.0 I compressed the map files using DXT1. There isn’t any loss
of quality and should improve performance, if you were experiencing any FPS
hit that is. 🙂 I also softened a few roads to make them nicer and re-drew
them for a more fluid look. Lastly, I extended the road south, leading to

In version 5.0 I created two new maps. They are classic styled maps to give
that feel you are using a map and not a GPS device, haha. They are still in
3D, but have been completely redrawn and all objects have been removed as
well. I also drew the political borders for these maps: Whiterun Hold,
Falkreath Hold, The Reach, Haafingar, Hjaalmarch, The Pale, Winterhold,
Eastmarch, The Rift, all seperated by red borders. For the regular Quality
Maps, I smoothed out a few roads and tried to make them a little nicer. 🙂

Thanks goes to Ethatron for providing enchanced map LOD. I was originally
doing this with vanilla textures, but after he released that, I couldn’t
-not- use them. Thank you Ethatron! 😀



If you have the following “uLockedTerrainLOD” tweak in your Skyrim.ini, this
map won’t load properly. Remove that line from your .ini for this mod to


Version History:

v1.0 Initial release.
v2.0 Made a map with the main roads only.
v3.0 Updated both maps. Added a missing road. Fixed a few roads to make them
look nicer.
v4.0 Compressed map files using DXT1. No quality loss! Improved a few roads
for more fluid look. Extended road leading to Cyrodiil.
v5.0 Created two new “Classic” maps, in the style of the popular paper map
the came with the game. Fine-tuned roads in the regular maps to make
them prettier.


Check Nexus page for file permissions and other credits.

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