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Date postedJanuary 7, 2012
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By: 747823

A pack of 50+ new weapons (not replacements!) with Morrowind-themed designs.

Since the destruction of Vvardenfell, many inhabitants of Morrowind have emigrated to Skyrim. With them came unusual weapons and smithing knowledge passed down from the third era.

Types of new weapons:
One-handed swords
Battle Staves
30+ new meshes
50+ new weapons in total

Finding the weapons:
Many of the weapons can be crafted at a forge, but not all of them. The reasons for this are because the lore and for balance. You can also find them at vendors and on enemies. The weapons have been added to several leveled lists, but they are more rare than the default weapons. They should all be able to be improved.

I’m taking down the formIDs list for now, but the weapon IDs are incremental from 010747a1 through 010747e1. Some numbers are skipped. I’ll upload a new list in a few days.

The first number is also be changed to the mod index in-game. Since the mod index can be different for everyone, you can check it by typing “help 4″ into the console. For example, typing help scimitar 4 would show the formids of every weapon with scimitar in the name, with the mod index.

You can also find the mod index by checking the load order in Nexus Mod Manager:
The mod index is “0B” in this example, so if for instance you want to add a Daedric Nodachi, you can type “player.additem 0B0747A1 1”.

Known problems:
– Glass weapons are rotated weirdly in the inventory.
– Some weapons have incorrect physics models.

If you have another mod installed which modifies leveled lists, the leveled items from one of these may not appear in-game, but you should still be able to use the mods together. There’s also the “no leveled lists” ESP in the optionals folder, which is more compatible.

Manual Installation:
Copy everything from “Data” into your Skyrim data folder, and activate the esp file.
(Optional) Replace the ESP in your Data folder with the no leveled lists ESP.
(Optional) Copy the textures folder from the “Skyrim style glass weapons” option into your Data folder. Only do this if you want glass weapons from the mod have the same color theme as the ones from the original game.

delete the esp and the “74_w” folders from the data\meshes and data\textures directories.

Upgrade from beta/alpha:
Disable or delete the alpha or beta ESP, then follow the steps above.

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