Steam Addicts Anonymous: Weekly Roundup 8

Not as big of a week as earlier, but there is quite a bit of small info.

  • Paradox Interactive has launched their counterattack on Shogun 2 with Sengoku.
  • Worms Ultimate Mayhem is coming up. If you love this series, it is better than ever.
  • Likely in preparation for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Steam is having a Star Wars collection sale. It is unclear whether EA will ever allow their new game on Steam though.
  • Despite their blunder, Dead Island is selling well on Steam. Fans are comparing it to Borderlands with extended melee.
  • If you like Smash TV style games, check out Bunch of Heroes which is coming up.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution got a huge number of updates, check them out.
  • Bethesda is aggressively marketing Rage all over the internet and Steam. It looks like they want this to tide them over to Skyrim.
  • Ubisoft has learned their lesson, and is removing the DRM from “From Dust”.

You may want to grind Steam up in order to get it into your system faster. Please don’t try this, as you will only succeed in breaking your computer.  As usual, be sure to leave us feedback on what you would like to hear about next edition. Help us help you!