Black Mesa will trade “exciting new media” for 20,000 “Likes” on Facebook

Update (6/11 1:45AM EDT): Cute little web-based script running here where you can literally watch the “Likes” update every 4 seconds.

In case you aren’t already a fan of Black Mesa: Source’s Facebook page, but are waiting on pins and needles for the much-hyped mod release that’s 3 years overdue, the BMS team announced yesterday they will trade fan loyalty for an “exciting new media” release.

Their FB fan count has more than doubled when they had just over 6k likes less than 24 hours ago.  BMS’s PR strategy has been nothing short of puzzling after a long media silence, and most fans are bemused at their attempt to re-engage their fanbase with anything short of a release announcement.

“Still better than nothing”, some fans would argue.  At any rate, their seems little doubt they will reach there goal within the next day or so.

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