Black Mesa Dev Q & A

Level Designer Jean-Paul “JeanPaul” Jarreau popped into IAmA late last night, to answer a few of its many fan questions.  He has continued to reply throughout the day today.  Plenty of topics have been discussed; no release date has been revealed, but he did make this comment in defense of the team:

It’s just simply a HUGE workload. If you look at 95% of other mods, they are multiplayer mods, with a little re-working, re-used animations, and 3-4 maps. We have a single player campaign to make with completely new EVERYTHING and around 50 maps. That’s a large undertaking. I mean, if we had decided to just remake the multiplayer, we would have released over 4 years ago.

When asked what has caused the longest delay, JeanPaul replied:

 It was definitely a lack of a programmer for a big chunk of the beginning of our development (way back when in 2004-6) Those dudes are hard to come by for free. Good thing we now have our good friends Paul and Ye ‘ol Kaney baby.

You can read the Q & A in its entirety here.

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