Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviews Black Mesa: Source’s project lead, Carlos Montero

If you’re into Half-Life modding, then you probably know all about Black Mesa: Source‘s protracted stay in one of development hell’s finest holiday resorts. In total, its development time has taken longer than the development periods of the original Half-Life and Half-Life 2… combined. Ever since they missed their 2009 release date, the BM:S devs have resolved to total radio silence, until immediately before they release the mod; and apart from a few interviews and minor media releases in the interim, this has mostly been the case.

However, things changed earlier this week, when the folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted up Part 1 of their interview with Carlos Montero, project leader of Black Mesa: Source. The day after that, they also posted up Part 2 of the interview, in what is overall, a lengthy but extremely insightful interview. Carlos talks a lot about how the devteam really works, and it seems like these guys really do have a lot in common with Valve after all. There’s also some details on the infamous missed 2009 deadline, and what exactly caused that to happen. Later on, he also discusses the team’s current progress, provides new information regarding the mod (turns out you will need no games at all to play it; which makes BM:S less of a mod, and more of a free Source game), and even offers us a rough timeframe for some sort of playable release…: “soon-ish“. Well, soon-ish it is.

Until soon-ish comes around, feast your eyes on two never-before-seen screenshots from the mod, released alongside the interview:

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