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Welcome! I am TheLostSoul, and today, we’ll be looking at Battlegrounds 2 Now, onto the review! Battlegrounds 2 is a mod based off of the Quake mod, Battlegrounds.  it boasts […]


I am TheLostSoul, and today, we’ll be looking at Battlegrounds 2

Now, onto the review!

Battlegrounds 2 is a mod based off of the Quake mod, Battlegrounds.  it boasts at being “The only Revolutionary War mod for Half-Life 1 & 2,” and for a reason; it actually is!  In this mod, you can choose to play as the British or the Americans.  depending on the server, you will also get a choice of what type of shot (black powder, cluster, etc.) and what type of rifle you want. After Playing for almost 5 hours, i can tell you that i am still no good.  my aim is either rally horrible, or it’s the gun (so I’m going to blame the gun ;) I also got a chance to be the Americans once or twice, and they’ll let you use some guerrilla tactics every once in awhile.  That’s when it starts to become easy; hiding in the bushes, picking off enemies that will stand still and bunch up…

From what i have learned, there is an exact progression to how each round goes.  first, everyone lines up. all those who aren’t in line get killed on the spot.  then, everyone follows the leader. those who don’t get killed on the spot.  when the enemy line is spotted, the halt command is given.  those who don’t halt, get (say it with me) Killed on the Spot!  then, the fire and reload commands are given. the shots are given in volleys, just like what happened in the real war…if the entire war was fought with 16 people (the normal server size). once most of the other team is gone (sure doesn’t take long for inaccurate guns) the charge command is given.  From there, rules tend to include no reloading while moving, no reloading once the charge command is given, team that is charging isn’t allowed to retreat, and blah blah BLAH BLAH!

There is a lot of undesirables though. The biggest thing that annoys me comes in one word: linebattles. And yes, if you don’t want to be kicked for saying it wrong, it is one word. I think this game would be a lot more fun without the “commanders.” these are the server admins who boss everyone around.  Fire off command, you get slayed.  Reload while moving, you get slayed. Step out of line (literally), and you will get slayed.  although i do give this game a high recommendation.

Although i do give this game a high score, i would not recommend this game unless you like strict gaming and role-playing, which i know some people do.  the physics are impeccable, the skins are great, and the battles feel almost real (take that as you will).

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Overall impression:

Graphics: Standard Source Engine graphics, but with some old ported models from the first game

Originality: As said before, it is the only Source Engine Mod of its kind

Number of Players:  Not a whole lot, but because of the small number of servers, the size fits pretty well

Re-playability: After you get used to having orders shouted at you, you will be able to come back to the game many times

Gameplay: Battle Grounds is all run by clans, so it’s very organize, but step out of line, and you’re kicked

Difficulty: Well, i would have to say that there is absolutely no difficulty level, getting a hit is all based on luck, unless someone comes within stabbing range


1. Battle Grounds 2-

2 Obsidian Conflict-

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