A Call for Communication mobilizes with “A Red Letter Day”

Half-Life fans plan a virtual day of gaming to raise awareness of their unrest

You might be wondering what the mysterious new banner on our front page is all about today.  Maybe you’re afraid to click it.  Well don’t – no one is out to sell you enlargement pills or imitation designer handbags.

What they’re trying to do is raise awareness for their cause – which is asking Valve to acknowledge Half-Life Series fans’ desire for information.  Is Half-Life still alive?  If so, what next?

Anyone with vague knowledge of the situation is aware that the next chapter in the Half-Life saga is overdue.  When I visited Valve’s (old) offices back in 2007, Marc Laidlaw himself (Half-Life writer extraordinaire) told me during a very long after-hours conversation that the series was far from dead and the rough story had been sketched out in at least some form.

So what has happened since then?  On Valve’s end, silence.  On the fans’ end, growing unrest.

A Steam group who calls themselves “A Call for Communication” have planned an event called “A Red Letter Day” to call attention to their cause from Valve as well as the community at large:

So, we now know about the date and time (February 4th, 11:00AM – 11:30AM PDT)…

… since we are trying to raise the stats of one game, it’s important to stress that we only want to play Half-Life 2. If it is absolutely impossible for you to play it, feel free to play any Half-Life related game, but we’d love to work together towards one playing time.

The group is at 28,000 members and growing.  We know from past experience with Valve they do listen and take into account when fans voice their concerns in a constructive way (consider their response to the Left 4 Dead 2 petition).  You can be a part of that voice, have some fun, and you don’t need to “occupy” anything except your own computer!

Come join the fun!