“A Red Letter Day” aftermath

As reported earlier this week, members of the Steam group “A Call for Communication” led the charge today to raise awareness of their cause,  motivated by their desire to have Valve share at least some details of their plans for the future of the Half-Life franchise.

An event was planned for 11:00 AM PST (local time to Valve’s Seattle-area offices) to have as many people online as possible playing the original Half-Life 2, with the hopes that its creator would take notice.

So far — at its peak today — 13,216 people were doing just that, according to Valve’s own tracking site Steam: Game and Player Statistics.

What impact, if any, this will eventually have in the grand scheme of this is of course unknown.  However, we here at Steam Addicts were proud to have taken part; and we will continue to update you on the future of this very interesting (and entertaining) effort.
Addendum: A Call for Communication is now within a breath of the 50,000 member mark.