Red Orchestra 2 interview

With the release of the next Red Orchestra only a week away, Walter McDaniel has managed to grab Tripwire’s VP Alan Wilson for a past, present, and future look at the company and its games.  Here’s a small sample:

Your company has confirmed that there will be free DLC after launch. While we can all certainly appreciate it, why do you choose to go with free DLC for many of your games, including Killing Floor?

Why not :) ? And we go with free content for ALL our games, not just some. There is one key point: we won’t split the community by selling maps and weapons that people need to play.

Nothing more irritating than the server changing maps and half the players get bumped off because they haven’t ponied up $5 for some map. We WILL do add-ons for money at some point – but the key here is about value for money.

Come check out the rest of our interview here.

Red Orchestra 2