Weekly Poll returns!

(Editor’s Note: Due to technical difficulties [someone ate some bad sushi or something] we’ve been unable to bring you the weekly Poll.  Well, you can stop emailing us with your threats of bodily injury.  We have returned!)


I shout, quickly rolling my d20 and scoring a 19.  The Dungeon Master’s face cringes with disbelief.  The same kind of face any DM would wear had their whole adventure just toppled before them.  Days and days of planning down the drain, and the night (which was certainly supposed to be filled with combat, magic, political intrigue, and goblins) was now a bust.  He folds up his screen in disbelief, and walks out of the room, locks himself in the closest bathroom, and sobs quietly.


I remember days like that.  Days where heroic deeds and acts of bravery and strength held our teenage lives together.  Fighting in fantasy rife lands, and bringing justice (or injustice) to the people that lived there, was our greatest bonding mechanism.  Yes, we were nerds — and yes, we relished it.  Dungeons and Dragons — or whatever kind of game we had picked up that week — was now a part of our lives.

Well damn.  Now I’m all nostalgic.  Am I the only one who finds Fantasy to be that captivating?  Tell me guys, what do you think?  Which fantasy world has given you more enjoyment than any other?  Which fantasy land has gripped you in its talons, making it hard to go about your every day real lives?  Which is the best Fantasy World in video gaming?  Let me know, because I sure hope I’m not the only one trapped in a world of magic and mystery.

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