Poll results: week ending July 24th

Wow, we’ve got so much going on this week, we’re all stretched to the absolute limit. Not to mention poor Jeff’s monitor croaked. So this week’s poll is a smidge (almost 24 hours) late… *gasp*!

So, we’d better get on with it then, eh?  First, last week’s results.

The question was: What is the longest time that you’ve gone without playing a video game?

And the answers are, in a particular order:

  1. Less than 24 hours (25.6%, 106 Votes)
  2. 1-2 days (18.59%, 77 Votes)
  3. 1-2 weeks (12.75%, 53 Votes)
  4. 2-4 weeks (11.83%, 49 Votes)
  5. 3-4 days (8.93%, 37 Votes)
  6. 1-3 months (6.76%, 28 Votes)
  7. 6-12 months (6.76%, 28 Votes)
  8. 3-6 months (4.83%, 20 Votes)
  9. More than a year (3.86%, 16 Votes)
    Total Votes: 414

Apparently, one-fourth of you start to get the bends if you don’t play a video game in a day.  There’s a name for people like you (addicts)!

Well, I think we’re gonna stray a bit outside the world of geek this week.  A lot of you are excited about football (or what some of you overseas gamers call “rugby for sissies”) being back in business after a protracted argument between the multi-millionaire players and the multi-millionaire owners.  Well, that’s all water under the proverbial bridge right now, and it’s time to play some football!

So in this week’s Poll, we ask: What sport are you the biggest fan of? No age or height requirements on this one.  Just turn to your right and vote.

So are there any sports fans out there?  And what’s your favorite rivalry? Think your team is tougher than mine? Or that my mother dresses me funny? Tell us!

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