Poll results: week ending September 12th

Now, I don’t know what’s going on these days.  Everywhere you look, whether it’s on TV, or the good ol’ internet, you keep seeing these ridiculous stories of police brutality and injustice.  Officer hits a wheelchair bound man with his squad car because the driver was texting.  Police tazing injured people simply because they can’t physically do what the officers are telling them.  The list goes on.

Luckily I’ve never been part of something that cruel, and I hope I never do.  But I have a hunch that the police themselves aren’t changing.  It’s not that they’re getting any better or any worse overtime. Instead, I believe modern technology is allowing us to communicate so quickly, and so instantly, that when a cop DOES do something bad, you better believe there’s going to be a cell phone video of it floating around the web.  We, as a global community, are just becoming much more aware of our surroundings.

Which leads me to this week’s poll.  This is a tribute to the good cops.  The boys (and girls) in blue who work with us every day to make all of our lives safer.  This poll is dedicated to the guys busting their ass to make sure that crack dealers aren’t working across the street from some high school, and the guy patrolling the worst neighborhoods around, just to make sure no one is harmed on their way through.  Tell me, who is the greatest Video Game cop?  The most badass, crime killing, smooth talking, gumshoe.  Let us know!

By the way, here are last week’s results.  Gravity gun…  Great choice.  I would have went with the Cereberal Bore, but anyway, good choice.  Who voted Klobb?  I mean seriously…  That was a joke.

1. Gravity Gun: Half Life 2 (33.85%, 67 Votes)
2. Other (tell us!) (13.85%, 26 Votes)
3. Cerebral Bore: Turok 2 (7.69%, 15 Votes)
4. Shotgun: Doom (6.15%, 12 Votes)
5. Massive Dildo: Saints Row 3 (6.13%, 11 Votes)
6. Super Sledge: Fallout (4.71%, 10 Votes)
7. Magnum Handgun: Halo (4.62%, 9 Votes)
8. Boomerang: Legend of Zelda (4.62%, 9 Votes)
9. Land Shark Gun: Armed and Dangerous (3.08%, 6 Votes)
10. Flamethrower: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (3.08%, 6 Votes)
11. Buster Sword: Final Fantasy 7 (3.08%, 6 Votes)
12. Air Gun: Just Cause 2 (2.93%, 5 Votes)
13. Stinger Missle Launcher: Metal Gear Solid (1.54%, 3 Votes)
14. Dual D\’Eagles w/ Bullet time: Max Payne (1.54%, 3 Votes)
15. Klobb: Goldeneye (1.54%, 3 Votes)
16. Mining Explosive: Red Faction (0%, 0 Votes)
17. Barret .50 cal: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (0%, 0 Votes)