Poll results: week ending September 6th

My head is pounding right now. Yes, pounding. When that happens I usually do one of two things. One, I’d crawl back into bed and sleep away the pain. Two, I man up, boot my PC, start up one of my favorite shooters, and let the lead fly.  You might think I’m crazy. All those flashing lights and loud monotonous pops and whizzes must do a number on my head. You’d be right to think so. But nothing puts me on my A game more than being pissed off, so in the end, It’s worth it.

Hold on, let me get some Tylenol. *Reaches over and pops 4 of them into his mouth.* There we go… Anyway, before I go off into another fever induced rant, Let me post the results of last week’s poll. The question was posed: What is the Steam game of the year?
Last week (2 weeks) results:

  1. Terraria (48.97%, 286 Votes)
  2. Portal 2 (22.6%, 132 Votes)
  3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (13.87%, 81 Votes)
  4. The Witcher 2 (3.77%, 22 Votes)
  5. Bastion (3.08%, 18 Votes)
  6. None of the above (email us) (2.57%, 15 Votes
  7. Total War: SHOGUN 2 (1.71%, 10 Votes)
  8. Dawn of War II: Retribution (0.86%, 5 Votes)
  9. From Dust (0.86%, 5 Votes)
  10. Spiral Knights (0.51%, 3 Votes)
  11. Duke Nukem Forever (0.51%, 3 Votes)
  12. Space Pirates and Zombies (0.34%, 2 Votes)
  13. RIFT (0.34%, 2 Votes)
  14. BRINK (0%, 0 Votes)
    Total Votes: 584

Terraria?  Say wha?  I was one of the shlubs that voted for Shogun 2.  Why?  Do I really need to answer that question?  Don’t get me wrong, Terraria rocked, it’s just… Come on.  How many times can we build a replica of the first four worlds in Super Mario Bros?  7?  8 times?  Exactly.

Anyway, back on target a little.  I’m mad.  My brain hurts and I wanna make others lives miserable.  So this week’s poll I’m asking you, the shooters and maimers and slicers and dicers alike, what is the greatest video game weapon ever madeI wanna know!  I need something to kill while my headache goes away, and I might as well be doing it in style.

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