Poll results: week ending August 21st

I remember the heyday of polls back a few years ago (when we had to walk to school in the wintertime and it was uphill in both directions).  People used to queue up to participate like newly-liberated citizens voting in their first elections.  Ok, so I admit this week’s topic was pretty dry.  My bad.

On a totally unrelated note: $1M for winning a Dota 2 tournament.  Seriously?  Just saying…

So, last week’s question was: How old are you?

  1. 17 and under (26.39%, 57 Votes)
  2. 18-21 (19.44%, 42 Votes)
  3. 22-25 (19.44%, 42 Votes)
  4. 26-29 (13.89%, 30 Votes)
  5. 30-33 (12.5%, 27 Votes)
  6. 38 and over (8.33%, 18 Votes)
  7. 34-37 (0%, 0 Votes)
    Total Votes: 216

So about a fourth of us are under 18.  About half are 21 or under, while two-thirds are 25 or under.  Looks like some of us are getting older though.  Thank God I’m not…

With another year slipping away from us, it’s time to see which games set the bar higher in 2011.  In this week’s Poll, we ask: What should be the “Steam Game of the Year”?   Time to start a new bloodbath.  Gentleman, turn to your right and TAKE THAT POLL!

Since the list is rather a long one – and since we expect a knock-down, drag-out fight to the death – we’re going to let this one ride AN EXTRA WEEK.  So tell all your friends and neighbors to Rock the Vote as well!

Which game in this week’s Poll do you think was the worst of 2011?  Also, will the overall Game of the Year this year be a Steam game? Tell us!

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