Serious Sam 3 interview

With the release of the next Serious Sam game now only 3 weeks away, Steam Addicts’ own Walter McDaniel has grabbed Croteam Co-Founder Alen Ladavac for an exclusive chat:

How did you feel about the release of Serious Sam Double D?

Serious Sam Double D is fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the job Mommy’s Best Games did in translating Serious Sam’s trademark features into a 2D shooter. Our team is a huge fan of the gunstacking feature and all the neat secrets that are tucked away in the game.

It’s a great balance of classic Serious Sam and some outstanding new features we could never have used in a traditional FPS. If you haven’t checked it out, for $8 it’s a real treat for Serious Sam and shooter fans!

A must-read for all Serious Sam fans, you can read the rest of Walter’s interview here.

Serious Sam 3: BFE