Serious Sam Double D released

For those tired of waiting for Serious Sam 3: BFE you can tide yourself over with Serious Sam Double D.

Serious Sam Double D is a 2d (get it?) take on the Serious Sam universe. Instead of brutal and classic FPS action, you will get equally intense 2d platformer action. The game actually takes place after Sam has defeated Lord Mental and is heading through time in order to clear out any stray minions.

Two things make the game stand out: First, the fact that you can attach multiple weapons to one another to make a gigantic weapon. Ever wanted to kill a guy with two chainsaws? Well now you can, along with an attached shotgun and machine gun.

Two, the character designs are even more bizarre than ever before. You will face giant kamikaze women and heavily armed dinosaurs. We are not even exaggerating here, this is really what you will be fighting.

While all of these are all well and good, the cheap price of $6.39 (for a limited time) and the fact that it will run well on older computers make it a smart buy. Serious Sam 3 is looking great, but it will be rather pricey and need a pretty good computer. Overall if you are a hardcore fan or low on cash, this is a great game for you.

Serious Sam Double D dinosaur

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