Suicide Blitz 2 Version 4 Released

Suicide Blitz 2 Version 4 Released

Just got word from RT that the updated version of SB2 has been released:

Version 4 of Suicide Blitz 2 is available for download!

Details can be found at:


Fixed a thing in a test facility for good. Just be patient if a problem occurs and a trained testing associate will accomodate you. Also do not die in there, no more rescues.

Map 2

  • Fixed a bug specifically in the cafe which would spawn a tank inside of tables

Map 4

  • Changed the dynamic slightly of the Train Event (Escape). Should be a bit more ‘cinematic’.

Map 5

  • Fixed a bug that would force infected to spawn behind the survivors on round 1 of versus.
  • Added some navigation and ladders that were previously not there to accompany changes to the finale.


  • Misc Nav Fixes throughout all maps

For more information and download mirrors, go to the official Suicide Blitz 2 page.

Suicide Blitz 2 for Left 4 Dead 2

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