Letters from Steam Summer Camp – Day 4

Dear Everybody,

At last night’s talent show, I went on after the spooky Italian kid. You never know what that guy’s thinking, so I was worried he’d do something amazing. Luckily, all he did was slice a watermelon in two and walk off the stage. I went out to start my act, but then – kind of unluckily – it turned out the kid had only left the stage to get a running start. He came booking back in, sprinted a hundred feet straight up the curtain, dived off a ceiling beam, and landed head first in a half a watermelon. They ended the contest right there, but the counselors still let me juggle quietly for a few minutes while they gave this lunatic his prize. Speaking of which, there’s a ton of prizes and new activities for non-spooky, non-lunatics at Steam Camp today!

Your pal,

Sir Roderick