Letters from Steam Summer Camp – Day 2

Dear Everybody,

Steam Camp’s going great! Last night we snuck out and got Marty’s car up to 100! Two guardrails later we ended up in a field. Man! Who knew tires could light grass on fire. . . Anyway we met a kid coming to camp on a horse. We gave him a lift back with Tappet and the horse on top. The kid’s some kind of foreign exchange student, so we don’t know what he’s saying most of the time even though it’s pretty clear he’s mad a lot. Cyl thinks the kid’s parents must be rich because he really, really loves to boss everybody around. Anyway, there’s a ton of new stuff to do today, so I gotta go.

At camp we have a phrase that I really like, it goes “You learn something new every day”. Today I learned that the letter “C” makes and “ess” sound. After he read my letter from yesterday, Cyl taught me that lesson. The camp nurse is pretty nice.

Your pal,

Cir Roderick

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