Steam Summer Camp Sale

This just in from Doug Lombardi:

Dear Everyone:

Me, Syl, and Tappet arrived okay at Steam Summer Camp today. A lot of our friends are here too. The folks we left back at Valve–who all got pink-eye and couldn’t go–said they’d put up the pictures from camp that we send them (after they’re done posting the loads of Summer Camp daily sales and publisher packs on Steam each day). The first one (with our new pals Marty and Max) is there now. This morning, Syl drove Marty’s car. Tappet had to work the pedals, but we got it up to 87 miles an hour on the dirt! We think we can get it to go faster tonight.

The counselors have planned a bunch of camp activities each day. Like playing games gets you special Steam Summer Camp Achievements. Then they say you get tickets for each Achievement you earn. Big whoop, right?!? But, guess what? There’s a Prize Booth where you can trade your tickets for cool stuff. I made the banner on the booth!

Steam Summer Sale

At the end of camp, they’re giving away some really big prizes: one-hundred campers get the top ten games on their Wishlist! They were going to have field day races for prizes, but not all of us have legs.

Gotta go.
Sir Roderick Bodkin & Syl & Tappet.


From now until July 10th, if you get one of the Summer-Themed Featured Achievements on that day, you will get Prize Tickets redeemable for all different kinds of in-game content.  How will you be able to afford to play the games with those achivements?  Simple.  They’re on sale that day!

Today’s deals:

Oh, and you get your first prize just for joining the Summer Camp Official Steam Group!

100 of the lucky people who participate will get the top 10 games on their Steam Wishlist (so be sure to update it).  Go to the Summer Camp Prize Booth for all the latest news and information.

It’s Summertime – how cool is that?

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