Steam Summer Camp Deals – Day 2


Another day has dawned and I see some of you forgot the sunscreen, yes I’m talking about you Sgt. Lawson, Jamie OD and Ranger .

Stop by the aid station to pick up some Aloe Vera.

You campers did great with yesterday’s camp activities so we have added a bunch more to the list. And remember yesterday’s are still available if you were not able to finish them up.

Steam Summer Camp Sale - Day 2

It’s important to stretch before vigorous activity so get limbered up because here are today’s deals.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
GTA Classics
Star Wars: (KOTOR, Force Unleashed 2, Battlefront II, Empire at War)
The Heroes Pack
Devil May Cry 4
Just Cause 1 & 2
Hamilton’s Great Adventure

P.S. Please let us know if you have seen the camp canoe. It seems to have disappeared during the night.

Today’s “Camp Activities” deals:

Today’s “free” prize is awarded for linking your Facebook Profile in Steam.

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