Terraria Online Website Down Due to Curse Network Outage

Update (8:05 PM EDT):Work is still ongoing to restore CurseForge, WowAce and SC2Mapster. We have posted an article explaining what happened and why it’s taking longer to bring some of the sites back than others.”

Update (12:20 PM EDT): “Several sites including curse.com, wowstead.com and terrariaonline.com have been brought back online. We are still working to restore CurseForge, WowAce and SC2Mapster to service.”

Update (6/24 11:59 PM EDT): @cursenetwork has just Tweeted the following: “Curse.com is up back online and ready to serve you! Thank you for your patience during our recent downtime.”  However, several of its sites continue to be in “maintenance” mode.

Update (6/23): Seems all is right with the Terraria world once again: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience the recent downtime may have caused. Hardware failure was the cause; be assured that the Curse technical team was working without pause to fix this and get the Curse network as a whole available as soon as possible.”

Update (3:54 PM EDT): Terraria Online continues to be up and down.  At Curse.com, the following message appears: “Curse.com is currently running in offline mode for maintenance purposes.  At this time, images, addons, and login services are unavailable, but we are working to restore them as soon as possible.”

Update (12:55 PM EDT): Terraria Online has come back up.  Whether the site is back 100% or whether it’s permanent or not still remains to be seen.

As of 12:30 PM EDT, Terraria Online continues to be down due to a hardware failure across the Curse Network.  This outage is currently affecting all network sites to differing degrees.

In the meantime, the Terraria team asks that you not flood their inboxes with emails about the site being down — they are well aware of the situation.

Stay tuned to Steam Addicts for the latest updates.

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