TF2 on Adult Swim and Meet the Pyro

TF2 Meet the Pyro

Good news for TF2 fans

The Team Fortress 2 blog has posted a strange announcement. Basically it is just the trademark mmmmmph sounds of the Pyro. As a result, many believe that Meet the Pyro is coming up shortly. It would seem highly likely at this point. Hopefully we will find out answers to the many questions that have come up including:

  • Why does the Pyro never take their mask off?
  • What is their back story?
  • Are they male, female or robot?

Of course we could also have 20 minutes of “mmmmmmph” as the Pyro kills everyone. We will have to wait and see soon. Some are even saying it comes out to morse code that says something about Monday.

TF2 is Partnering with Adult Swim

While no one has the full details yet, it seems that Valve is partnering with Adult Swim. People have long demanded a full cartoon for TF2 and this may be a sign that they are doing it. Those who have watched the entire “Meet the” series know that they are all fairly hilarious. If you have not watched them yet, you should check them out.

The possibilities for this series are quite massive. Not only would it be something great to watch, there might be promotional offers. The absolute best case scenario would be that we get a cartoon and item giveaways. Nothing is concrete yet though, but the suspense is killing us. You can of course sign up for the Adult Swim newsletter at the link above, but we are interested in the story as well. We will be sure to keep our eye on this. Big things appear to be on the horizon for the series.

But why is this Happening now with TF2?

Because they are now far from the only free-to-play game on the block. It looks like The Old Republic, among other games, may go free-to-play eventually. They have to step up their game to remain on top, and that means good things for players. Stay with the game, and stay with us for more good news.