Valve unleashes Meet the Medic and the massive Uber Update

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TF2 has unleashed a massive update with the exquisitely animated Meet the Medic.


The huge update included full sets for the Medic and Scout, and eventually included items for all classes. This update easily has the most variety from the fast-firing “Tomislav” to the bizarre “Solemn Vow” which lets you see enemy health.

The Uber Update marks more than just a huge amount of content, it’s a complete change in the nature of the game. This change comes from the huge number of items combined with an influx of players due to it becoming free to play.

While there is no doubt that the update itself is excellent, some players are distressed by having so many inexperienced players. While troubling at first, this will allow TF2 to have a large and sustainable community for years to come. If you enjoyed Meet the Medic you can find outtakes here.