DOTA 2 is going the way of TF2

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DOTA 2 is going to be doing meet-the style video shorts to promote their game.  They want to completely change the feel of the DOTA world.

“we’re re-imagining the whole world” said Gabe Newell in his interview with 1-up. They want to completely re-do the content from Warcraft 3 and really give it a Valve art and story style. This includes the Valve promotional style, of course. We are just hoping that this will not hurt the mood of the game as DOTA was never a straight comedy. It did however have many comedic elements, so it could work out for the best.

What does sound promising is the fact that they are going to take something else from TF2 and earlier games: character specific banter. If certain characters are on opposite teams, they will have special sayings for each other. This was actually used in TF2 to great effect in their VS updates. You may recall their most noteworthy character to character taunt:


This reconstruction was the plan from the beginning, as Valve has been developing the original ideas of Icefrog. For those who don’t know, Icefrog is one of the original developers of DOTA and the center of great controversy. We have to take a moment to inform those new to the series why Icefrog’s involvement could actually be a detriment.

This is because when he was with the DOTA community he was very outspoken, and some said hard to work with. His current fan perception is one of a sell out to Valve. They believe he failed to give credit to those who worked on the project with him. Many actually question how much he contributed to early DOTA games.

But back to the real news, this is a very strange way to go about using DOTA.  However if Valve does it right, people will be watching DOTA 2 meet the videos long before they ever play the game. They should be able to power through the negative publicity into positive. We will keep you posted on DOTA 2 news.

DOTA 2 Icefrog


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