Retro Game Wednesday – Deus Ex

Deus Ex.

In 2000, BAFTA called it “PC Game of the Year” while GameSpy and PC Gamer similarly dubbed it “Game of the Year”.

Ten years later, PC Gamer would rank it #1 in it’s “Top 200 PC Games of All Time” list.

You played a game called “Human Revolution” — and you love classic games — but somehow you never got around to picking the original classic.

Daniel Casey is about to pry $10 from your wallet:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a prequel. Not a Star-Wars prequel, thank everything that’s holy – it actually turned out to be pretty good, all things considered. It was certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the sequel to the original Deus Ex, of which we shall not speak. No, instead today we shall speak of the aforementioned original Deus Ex, a game I hold very close to my heart.

You may have noticed that I hold many of these games very close to my heart. This is because A) I get to pick what I review and B) if you keep enough CDs there you can stop a bullet with them.

Don’t ask me how he knows that.

You can check out the rest of DKC’s review right here at Steam Addicts.  You can do that right before or after you buy the game.  Steam will take your money either way.

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