CFC launches new “Mosaic for Valve” awareness event

Members of the Steam group “A Call for Communication” have organized their next awareness event titled “Mosaic for Valve”.  The group, whose primary goal is to get Valve to release their intentions for continuing the Half-Life series of game, created a name for themselves with their previous “A Red Letter Day” event.

Here’s the latest:

We are finally ready to reveal our next event. While “A Red Letter Day” was successful, this activity will hopefully serve as something new and refreshing for everyone.

“Mosaic for Valve” represents a change in direction for our group. So
what exactly is it?

We are calling for fans to create an image or take a photograph of anything Half-Life related and send it to us. Simply create a piece and submit it via our website ( Before submitting, please read the rules and agreements on the same page.

We have also provided a cutout of our CFC G-Man, if you don’t know where to start. Simply print the image, cut it out and take a cool picture of it in a location of your choice. It’s worth noting, however, that your
work does not have to include the cutout.

So, what will we do with your image? All submissions will be uploaded to a public gallery on our site. After all images have been submitted, they will be made into a mosaic of a Half-Life image (linked on our site), and finally, delivered to Valve in person.

Why are we doing this? Our community was founded by passionate
Half-Life fans; this will serve as a creative outlet for anyone who wishes to express their love and interest for both the series and Valve. In addition, we hope our message will be exposed to more people, resulting in more support over time.

The deadline for submissions is August 10th at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time (check the group events to see the correct time in your region).

I look forward to delivering something to Valve that was created by thousands of Half-Life fans. 🙂

Group event:


Email us your questions here:

We at Steam Addicts continue to support their efforts.  Be sure to spread the word, and tell them we sent you.