War Inc. Battlezone might be “free” for a reason

Yep, no sugar-coating it this time.  No “did he really like it, or didn’t he” curiosity advertising drama.  John Metz has put War Inc. Battlezone through his tests, and it failed miserably.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a snip:

War Inc., or (as my associates and I more fittingly dubbed it) “War Stink,” is an extremely mediocre third-person shooter that is so unpolished, so unbalanced, and so broken that no amount of patching will save it from the Indie developer hell it has gone through.  Now, before my residence is firebombed and my family scalped by angry fans — yes, I do understand it’s an open beta.

But come on.  Open your eyes.  APB reloaded, another 3rd person shooter that has recently been resurrected and morphed into a free-to-play MMO has a better open beta…  and that game already died once.

Suffice to say, John wants to save same folks the trouble of downloading this game.  So if you’re still on the fence – or already like the game and are in the mood to get really, really defensive – be sure to check out his full review right here on Steam Addicts.

War Inc. Battlezone