Shogun 2: Total War mod gets update

If you’re a serious fan of Total War games, you’ve most likely mastered everything thrown at you since Rome: Total War.  And if you’ve got that far, you’ve probably also moved onto other worlds and battlefields using modifications made by one of the most diligent modding communities out there.  But one modder specifically comes to mind whenever you think of Total War mods.  His online handle is DARTH VADER, and to most TW gamers, he is a legend.

Having crafted Darthmod, a massive modification that has incarnations across almost all of the recent Total War releases, Darth does what Creative Assembly doesn’t do.  He takes their finished project and makes improvements on nearly every aspect of the game, paying special attention to the AI of computer players in the single player campaign.  Striving to make a more realistic and less arcade-like wargame, his latest and greatest work deals with Creative Assembly’s newest title, Shogun 2.

Darthmod Shogun 2 has been updated to version 2.9, bringing with it the same excellence and detail as it’s sister mods.  Improving countless areas of the game such as improving morale and battle mechanics to increasing the sizes of units on the battlefield, playing the game’s original form is almost blasphemy.  To read up on what exactly Darthmod Shogun 2 changes and adds, check out it’s thread on  Trust me, as a long time Total War player, you’re going to want to Darthitize all of your Total War games.

Total War SHOGUN 2

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