John Metz reviews Anno 2070

John Metz returns again for another review.  After giving War Inc. Battlezone a right dressing-down, you might have cause to wonder if his latest review of Anno 2070 will cause the shrapnel to fly once again.  Let’s take just a quick peak inside…

But of course, nothing is perfect — well very rarely anyway — and there are some parts of Anno 2070 that can get kind of annoying.

First of all, it’s an Anno game.  If you are a complete noob to this series, then you might want to make sure you go into this game knowing exactly what you’re getting into.  It’s got a moderate learning curve, and this title might be the easiest of the entire series to grasp.   But be warned, new players can easily get lost with all the commands, buildings and goals.  Once you get the hang of it all, however, you’ll be glad you made the jump.

Whew.  That’s a load off my mind.

You can read the rest of John’s review right here on Steam Addicts.