John Metz reviews APB Reloaded

Silent Night… Holy Night…


Well, ok, just in time for Christmas Eve — as you’re hoping and praying to get everything on your video game wish list (and knowing you won’t get all of them) — it’s good to know there’s another game you can get anytime you want it.  Yep, Free to Play is the bomb, and there’s another good one out there now called APB Reloaded:

As with all free to play MMO’s today, the game is rife with the constant pressure to get you to buy in-game clothing and weapons for staggeringly high prices.  It’s annoying, unneeded and only adds to the stress.  Of course buying that special, purposely overpowered silenced sub machine gun is entirely optional, but damn if they won’t shove it down your throat with advertisements either way.

But you know what? I still kind of like APB.

You can read the rest of John’s review right here on Steam Addicts to find out why.  Also, don’t forget to login to the game between now and December 27 to receive a Santa Hat for your APB character!

APB Reloaded