John Metz reviews Renegade Ops

A lot can change in 2 weeks.  You may remember John’s rant about not being able to get going with Avalanche Studios’ latest offering.  All water under the proverbial bridge now that John has managed to overcome the ghost in the machine, and actually sit down and enjoy Renegade Ops.

Renegade Ops is kind of a throwback to simpler times.  Back in the day, you got a game and you played it.  You didn’t question it, you just played and tried to have fun.  You didn’t question your character, or his or her reasoning for being there.  For me, it was the same way with Renegade Ops.  You’re a guy (or gal) in a car, and you blow stuff up with mounted machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, railguns and whatever else you can get your greasy little wheels on.

Is John just that easy, or is he that forgiving?  You’ll have to read his latest review right here on Steam Addicts to find out.

Renegade Ops