Sam Beck reviews Alien Zombie Megadeath

Hope Santa got ya everything ya wanted yesterday.  And if you’re like me, he gave you lots of stuff you didn’t want either and you were left standing in line to return it.

Whether you were naughty or nice this Christmas, there have been lots of video games flying around on the Steam Holiday Gift Pile.  If you got it, should you play or trade it?  No worries, our own Sam Back is here to help confuse you:

After I cranked up my own metal, what I was treated to was is a completist’s worst nightmare: 70-plus levels of arcade action, each with four medals to collect for meeting various level goals. It’s a nightmare because after about 20 levels the game spits in your mouth and touches your girlfriend’s boobs, or just gets really hard, depending on how hot your girlfriend is.

Too much information or not enough?  Either way, you can read the rest of Sam’s review right here at Steam Addicts.

Alien Zombie Megadeath